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Krasnoludki nie przyjdą

Krasnoludki nie przyjdą - Sara Shilo, Agnieszka Podpora Recenzja po polsku: http://www.literatura.gildia.pl/tworcy/sara-shilo/krasnoludki-nie-przyjda/recenzja

Five years ago I have been in Israel during school exchange. That really made me thinking about this country. Full of contrasts, complicated. I like to read literature from this country and also about it. Book written by Sara Shilo is one of the best books I've ever read. Immigrants from Marocco are living in Israel near the border. Every second there is a risk of being killed by a bomb.
When the father and the owner of popular falafel restaurant dies in the accident, the family is torn and broken. Mother tries to earn money but she cannot overcome the grief and make her children have at least one supportive parent. The story is divided to file chapters, when we can track life of mother, the oldest son who is working hard and has ambitious plan to change theirs situation, the only daughter and two brothers who always do everything together, mostly one was born with his hands wrongly grown.
Writer has a great talent to describe readers how much this family had gone through and that in some way, everyone is there alone -trying to the the best they can. But lies are growing through years and the book makes a really good job in keeping readers interested. If youwant to try some literature from Israel, this book is a good start.