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Konto na Booklikes założyłam z czystej ciekawości - moje wpisy znajdziecie na stronie www.radosiewka.pl Tam piszę o filmach,. grach, serialach oraz oczywiście - książkach! :)

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Nieśmiertelność zabije nas wszystkich

Nieśmiertelność zabije nas wszystkich - Drew Magary, Grzegorz Komerski I 've been interested in that books since it has been announced that it's gonna be published in Poland. Drew Magary wrote a great book though I've expected somethind different. I thought that it's gonna be an interesting, funny book, but when I started to read this I knew that I was wrong. It's a pesimistic, depressing book, easy to read but also so written with such a good style that the vision of future when nobody dies because of age is depressing and a little bit frightening. If I culd descirbe this book with one sentence it would be "be careful what you wish for, because you can get it". And being almost immortal is having such consequences that invention of the medicine for getting old is rather a curse to mankind than a miracle...