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Kosogłos (Igrzyska śmierci, #3)

Kosogłos (Igrzyska śmierci, #3) - Suzanne  Collins, Piotr Budkiewicz, Małgorzata Hesko-Kołodzińska Contains spoilers!!!

I like books where main heroine is always struggling with hard decisions. And I don't mean choosing between Peeta and Gale - this was really not the most important part of the book.It's rather about something else - should I be a mockingjay everyone wishes her to be? To be the face of revolusion? Seeing her, how she changes her mind and understands that afer all,Coin is not going to be much better than Snow. Revolution is great when it starts and last but how many of them ended up as it supposed to be during our history? Take for example latest events in Egypt.
Kathniss grew up and is more muatre now, durig the third book. Ske is slighy more open to the people but also don't trust everyone and in the end - she is all alone when shooting to Coin.

This book is sad, but not in a melodramatic, cheap way. Collins can make her readers to think about war and now it's more about media and people who are icons of the war than ever before. The result is always different in the end - there is no turning back to who we were before.

Choices Gale made with the bomb and district 2 made me really think - what I would decide in that moment.
I do recommend this book but you should really start with first two volumes to get more from the story.