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Konto na Booklikes założyłam z czystej ciekawości - moje wpisy znajdziecie na stronie www.radosiewka.pl Tam piszę o filmach,. grach, serialach oraz oczywiście - książkach! :)

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Hereafter - Tara Hudson Surprisingly good book - I don't read paranormals very often, I would even say that I try to avoid them. But this one has such a nice cover and interesting descriptio. And there was a free copy of it form me to review it.
It was a fast read, maybe without any twists, but relationship between Joshua, who is a medium and can see ghosts and Amelia, who drowned and cannot find peace wasn't to pushed and unbelievable. What surprised me, is a nice, not to happy-ending epilogue. It's both satisfying and making readers t wait for another book from Tara Hudson.