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Konto na Booklikes założyłam z czystej ciekawości - moje wpisy znajdziecie na stronie www.radosiewka.pl Tam piszę o filmach,. grach, serialach oraz oczywiście - książkach! :)

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Wolfbreed - S.A. Swann At first I thought that it's gonna be a really bad book. Not Only because of boring, filed with useless descriptions begining, but also because of polish cover of the book. We can see a wolf on it (those animals are not mention at book at all) and an ugly looking female character near it. And it supposed to be a main female character. I know, that at the book we can read that she is beautiful, but all the time when I was reading something about her apperience I had that zombie from the cover in front of my eyes:/ Book is a little better in the end, but it's still not enough to convince me to buy a sequel.at least there are no vampires on it...