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Konto na Booklikes założyłam z czystej ciekawości - moje wpisy znajdziecie na stronie www.radosiewka.pl Tam piszę o filmach,. grach, serialach oraz oczywiście - książkach! :)

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Pan Lodowego Ogrodu. Tom 1
Jarosław Grzędowicz


Światło - M. John Harrison, Wojciech M. Próchniewicz This book was weird. I mean REALLY weird. We have three main characters each in different time and location one isn't even human in our definition - rather a spaceship. Harrison can write very well but why he doesn't explain important definitions about the world and characters at the beginning. Instead he gives us some clues an information in the middle of the book when we are already tired by trying to figure out what k-ship or tank means (read it in Polish, so I'm not sure if they are called that way in English version). This confusion made me not to care about the characters but the most anoying think about this book is how the author treats women in the book - none of them has a really important role, they are either f* or killed by other characters. But afterall if you are looking for an interesting book it's worth trying. Who knws maybe Nova Swing will be better?