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Gra o tron (Pieśń lodu i ognia #1)

Gra o tron (Pieśń lodu i ognia #1) - George R.R. Martin I've wanted to read this book before watching tv series. But I had many other books to read, and Game of Thrones is a beggining of long series A Song of Ice and Fire. So I've decided to watch tv series first. It was really nice and well-made, but it took me some time to read Game of Thrones. It was a good decision to watch tv series first, because of that I've already known main chracters and book enabled me to gather more information.
Martin has a good writing style and characters which he creates are not simply good or bad. What's the most interesting is the fact how good, honourable characters are not always getting everything. This book is more about politic and characters than about fantasy. Of course there are dragons, old gods and so on. But it wont' be bothering for those who don't like fantasy genre so much. They should read Game of Thrones to know, that if someone is talented enough, he or she can write a good, interesting book in every genre he/she wants.