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The Masked Empire

The Masked Empire - Patrick Weekes I was a little bit worried whether Patrick Weekes could write as good books from Dragon Age universe as David Gaider had, but after finishing The Masked Empire I must admit that this books is as good as The Calling and The Stolen Throne. Again, readers who already had played games and read previous books are going to have great joy from finding references to some events and characters. Also, this book seems as a great introduction to the Dragon Age: Inquisition, game I'm going to start playing today.

Weekes has good writing style and knows how to handle differents characters. I would love to read some more dialogues though. Neverthless, it's a great read with an amazing ending.

Dragon Age: Powołanie

Dragon Age: Powołanie - David Gaider Definitely better than the first book and if you've played the game it's a must read. Amazing last chapters and ending, gives so much to the lore. Characters are well wirtten and author knows, how to balance action, descriptions and dialogues. Fast and nice read for everyone.

Non stop

Non stop - Brian W. Aldiss, Marek Wagner Re-reading after almost 10 years. One of the first science fiction book that I've read. Amazing and disturbing book with great ending. That's how my love to SF has started.

Córka Imperium

Córka Imperium - Janny Wurts, Raymond E. Feist Surprisingly good book. I've enjoyed reading this one much more than the previous books about Pug and Midkemia. Good, classic fantasy.

Adept Magii

Adept Magii (The Riftwar Saga #1) - Mariusz Terlak, Raymond E. Feist Just fine, classic fantasy. Don't expect many plot twists, intriguing characters and detailed world building. It's just a nice bus read from quite popular author.

Obłęd '44 czyli jak Polacy zrobili prezent Stalinowi, wywołując Powstanie Warszawskie

Obłęd '44 czyli jak Polacy zrobili prezent Stalinowi, wywołując Powstanie Warszawskie - Piotr Zychowicz Probably the best book about history that I've ever read. Easy to read for someone not familiar with all details about WW II, get you to think about that part of history and leaves you wanting to know even more about that times. Definitely must read.

Orange Is the New Black: My Time in a Women's Prison

Orange Is the New Black: My Time in a Women's Prison - Piper Kerman Great book especially when you've watched tv series earlier. It gives you so much fun to look for similarities and differences between book and TV series. Worth reading.

Dotyk Crossa

Dotyk Crossa  - Sylvia Day, Ksenia Sadowska I'm a little bit surprise because it is actually quite a good book and definitely better tha 50 Shades of Grey. First of all author can write and reading it didn't make me laugh all the time. Also in 50 Shades of Grey I really hated female character. Everything about her annoyed me - the way she always give up and does everything other tell her to do, she has no her own opinion etc. Sylvia Day created better characters beause I actually like both of them.

Hobbit albo tam i z powrotem

Hobbit albo tam i z powrotem - J.R.R. Tolkien Klasyka fantasy, ale niestety odkąd po raz pierwszy czytałam tą książkę w podstawówce, tak i teraz mi się nie podoba. Może się czepiam, bo to przecież baśń dla młodszego odbiorcy, ale momentami postacie są za naiwne, a te bojaźliwe krasnoludy, Gandalf którego nigdy nie lubiłam. No i dlaczego Fili i Kili ;(
Z książką warto się zapoznać chociażby dlatego, że daje wgląd w to, jak bardzo zmieniła się od tamtego czasu fantasy.

Pusta przestrzeń

Pusta przestrzeń - Michael John Harrison Finally finished - this book was so strange that it's hard to say what was it exactly about. Still confused after the ending...


Światło - M. John Harrison, Wojciech M. Próchniewicz This book was weird. I mean REALLY weird. We have three main characters each in different time and location one isn't even human in our definition - rather a spaceship. Harrison can write very well but why he doesn't explain important definitions about the world and characters at the beginning. Instead he gives us some clues an information in the middle of the book when we are already tired by trying to figure out what k-ship or tank means (read it in Polish, so I'm not sure if they are called that way in English version). This confusion made me not to care about the characters but the most anoying think about this book is how the author treats women in the book - none of them has a really important role, they are either f* or killed by other characters. But afterall if you are looking for an interesting book it's worth trying. Who knws maybe Nova Swing will be better?

Krasnoludki nie przyjdą

Krasnoludki nie przyjdą - Sara Shilo, Agnieszka Podpora Recenzja po polsku: http://www.literatura.gildia.pl/tworcy/sara-shilo/krasnoludki-nie-przyjda/recenzja

Five years ago I have been in Israel during school exchange. That really made me thinking about this country. Full of contrasts, complicated. I like to read literature from this country and also about it. Book written by Sara Shilo is one of the best books I've ever read. Immigrants from Marocco are living in Israel near the border. Every second there is a risk of being killed by a bomb.
When the father and the owner of popular falafel restaurant dies in the accident, the family is torn and broken. Mother tries to earn money but she cannot overcome the grief and make her children have at least one supportive parent. The story is divided to file chapters, when we can track life of mother, the oldest son who is working hard and has ambitious plan to change theirs situation, the only daughter and two brothers who always do everything together, mostly one was born with his hands wrongly grown.
Writer has a great talent to describe readers how much this family had gone through and that in some way, everyone is there alone -trying to the the best they can. But lies are growing through years and the book makes a really good job in keeping readers interested. If youwant to try some literature from Israel, this book is a good start.

Operacja Argo

Operacja Argo - Matt Baglio, Antonio Mendez I liked this book more than the movie, mostly because Mendez gives readers so many details that could have not been added to the movie. Many other stories from his life as a CIA agent make book reacher. If you like reading about special forces, CIA and modern history, that's definitely worth reading.

Pies Baskerville'ow

Pies Baskerville'ow -  Arthur Conan Doyle Last book for my 2012 challenge. 75 books this year - nice number at one point I thought that I wouldn't make it. Maybe next year it's gonna be 100 books:)
This is really good book about Sherlock Holmes. What really amazes me is how Conan Doyle managed to write such an ageless book. Fast, interesting read.

Przeznaczona do gry (Avalon Trilogy #1)

Przeznaczona do gry (Avalon Trilogy #1) - Indigo Bloome, Joanna Pidziowa This book was really disappointing and even the cliffhanger in the end couldn't make up for this.

Kosogłos (Igrzyska śmierci, #3)

Kosogłos (Igrzyska śmierci, #3) - Suzanne  Collins, Piotr Budkiewicz, Małgorzata Hesko-Kołodzińska Contains spoilers!!!

I like books where main heroine is always struggling with hard decisions. And I don't mean choosing between Peeta and Gale - this was really not the most important part of the book.It's rather about something else - should I be a mockingjay everyone wishes her to be? To be the face of revolusion? Seeing her, how she changes her mind and understands that afer all,Coin is not going to be much better than Snow. Revolution is great when it starts and last but how many of them ended up as it supposed to be during our history? Take for example latest events in Egypt.
Kathniss grew up and is more muatre now, durig the third book. Ske is slighy more open to the people but also don't trust everyone and in the end - she is all alone when shooting to Coin.

This book is sad, but not in a melodramatic, cheap way. Collins can make her readers to think about war and now it's more about media and people who are icons of the war than ever before. The result is always different in the end - there is no turning back to who we were before.

Choices Gale made with the bomb and district 2 made me really think - what I would decide in that moment.
I do recommend this book but you should really start with first two volumes to get more from the story.